I have over 10 years of experience in hardware and software diagnosis and repair.

Some techs claim to have experience and may be able to fix small problems while charging you a not so small rate. I created my business and pride myself on experience in fixing any problems large or small while still maintainting small services charges.

When you get a computer back from my service, your initial problems are fixed but you will also find that your computer will be optimized for speed and performance, virus free, spyware free, and fully updated. All included in the cost of the service.

Serving The Rogue Valley!

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$50.00/hr - never more than 2 hours
$75.00/hr min 1 hour
Network or Web Consultation
$25.00/hr min 1 hour
*Offsite includes machines dropped of and machines I pickup - Onsite refers to actual work done and completed on the work site