Who is LAD Technical Services anyway?

I am a Systems Engineer with 14 years experience in server hardware and software maintenance with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Southern Oregon University. I work for an excellent company in Southern Oregon. In my own time I service many businesses and residential customers computer and POS needs, as well as managing an online baseball card shop.


This site has taken on many forms throughout the years but recently I have dedicated it to providing tutorials, knowledge, and sometimes humor all pertaining to the tech world. I find that many things you go looking for take several different sites and trial and error to get working correctly, at least in regards to the Unix/Linux world. For that reason I have started putting up the knowledge I have gained from these experiences all in one place in the hopes that someone else with find them useful.


If you find walk-thrus and tips that I put up useful and want to support my site in this quest for shared knowledge please feel free to donate any amount to the cause. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!